About Us

Your Best Health
is an evidence based, functional nutrition practice that offers creative, dynamic and effective nutrition education for groups as well as professional nutritional consultation for individuals. We support our clients who want to improve their health to meet their individual health goals and to help them take charge of their own health. We partner with other healthcare professionals to optimize results for clients and patients.  We provide guidance, support and accountability to ensure those who work with us will attain their best health outcomes. Learn about our approach.

Our Mission

To improve the health and thereby the happiness and well being of as many people as possible through scientifically based nutrition and lifestyle applications. To grow and be sustainable. To satisfy our clients who will enthusiastically recommend Your Best Health programs, services and products to others. We are active and well recognized in the community.

We are driven by a passion to help people meet their best health goals.

Our Method

Using a functional medicine approach we do not focus on disease, but rather on health, using a systems based methodology. We evaluate your concerns and symptoms in depth from a metabolic perspective.  Depending upon your specific circumstances, a laboratory analysis may be ordered for certain functional blood or urine markers to determine what may be at the root of your symptoms. Often, the laboratory ranges that guide our evaluation are tighter than those a traditional physician might consider. In our experience, it is best to correct course before a full disease condition is realized. Lifestyle and nutritional options may be used to help obtain this optimal health. To learn more about functional medicine, please refer to the Institute for Functional Medicine website.

Focus Areas

  • Cancer Nutrition and Support
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Alzheimer's and Dementia Prevention (APOE4)
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive Disorders
Why work with Your Best Health? We offer a fresh, creative and
energetic approach that helps you achieve your health through clinical nutrition.

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